Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Time is Sleepwear Time! Part 8

Those Christmas catalogs from the major retailers weren't only full of toys for the kiddies.  Nope, they covered you head to toe in all the coziest Christmas sleepwear fashions too!

And covered from head to toe are Kathy, Kay and friends (well all except one!)  I'm feeling cozier already!!

Stretching before bedtime?!?!?

Brrrr, cold feet?!? That simply will not do!  And with these snugly sleepers from Penneys, you'll never have to worry about cold feet again!!

More cozy footed sleepers for the holidays!

From cozy to chill-chasing, sleepers for Christmas were always a welcomed gift for that special lady on your list!

Even in Italy, they had to keep warm on those chilly winter nights as seen by Kathy and friend! (1)

And if the sleepers didn't do the trick, you could always add teh groovy Christmas socks (with individual toes no less!)

"Fun-to-Wear Sleepthings" Just because you're sleeping doesn't mean that you can't have fun! (Hmmm, that sounds strangely inappropriate although I don't know why.)

Still more fun sleepthings for while you're sleeping!!

Nothing says "charming romance"quite like "brushed acetate."  Still Kathy, Dottie, Kay, Lauren, and friend pull off the look!

I'm feeling the brushed acetate grooviness for sure now!

Back to the fun in 70s Christmas Catalog sleepwear!  Hmmm, somehow I can't see how sleeping with a fireman's hat is conducive to a good night's sleep??  I guess this post has officially gone to the dogs!

There was something special about that those old Christmas catalogs that made the season special. They were part of the tradition!  Well I guess that about does it for 70s sleepwear...............

Hey!  Wait one cotton-pickin' minute there pardner!!   The spirit of those seasonal catalogs haven't COMPLETELY gone away......
Instead of mail order, now we have the internet.  And while it's not Sears or JCP, PajamaGram has picked up the slack!  Face it, when you first see those PajamaGram commercials in early November, you know that Christmas shopping season has officially begun (delivery guaranteed by Christmas!)

Ahhh, that's the spirit of  the 70s in today's styles!  Merry Christmas to all my loyal readers and may you be as happy on Christmas morning as this family (maybe they've been into the eggnog a bit too much!!)


(1) This pick thanks to Al from Italy!


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