Monday, December 12, 2016

Couples Time, Part 12 - Baby It's Cold Outside!!

His 'n Her coordinated fashions of the 70s were't only for the warm days of summer.  No, no, no!  Just because the mercury has dropped and Christmas is approaching doesn't mean you had to hang up those coordinated fashions.  It fact, just the opposite!  It was the season to use cold weather gear to show the world that you had that special bond!

And whether you choose plaid or a plain, the jeans shirts simply HAD to be matching!  I mean what else is the point of being a couple?!?

A closeup of Kathy in the his 'n hers matching shirt jackets.  All I can say is "That's soooo 70s!"

"I really can't stay....Baby it's cold outside....I've got to go away..." It certainly looks like Karen is trying to get away here.  And if you heard this song in the original lyrics you could understand why!!

Sighh, It wouldn't be the 70s with out some earth tone hippie-style threads - in his 'n her matching, naturally.
And here we have two happy couples getting ready to ride a stagecoach?  Except that nobody looks too happy. Why the long faces guys?

Still with the sad faces.  Say, isn't the guy driving the stagecoach in the excact same pose as the previous pic?  Maybe he's frozen in place?!?

That's better!  Plenty of happy faces here as Kathy and friends light up the winter gloom with their dazzling smiles!!  But what couple couldn't be happy in those groovy matching 70s styles!

More smiles!  This time from Rande and Kay!

Finally, nothing says love in the Christmas season than His 'n Hers Rib-Knit Sweatshirts!  (In Orlon Acrylic no less! Yep I'm definitely in the Christmas spirit now!)

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